Ep.10 – Urban Edible Gardens: A Dutch Gardener & His Aussie Branding Babe

Urban edible gardens and branding for ethical freelancers and solopreneurs. Welcome to Ep.10 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast!

I cannot believe we’re at 10 episodes already. Thanks, everyone for your support. We’re closing in fast on 2,000 downloads so we’re taking that as a big upvote for the pod.

For Ep.10, we sit down for a chat with Dutchman Cees Engelen and his Aussie partner Elly Rose Kennedy.

Cees is from a little beach town close to Amsterdam. Amsterdam is known for many things but not so much for having good waves. Yet they surf on a weekly if not daily basis!

Urban Edible Gardens and ethical branding with Cees Engelen & Elly Rose Kennedy.
The loved up duo Cees & Elly join us for Ep.10 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast.

Cees met Aussie babe Elly during his travels, and now they both live on the Surf Coast in Torquay, Australia.

A Passion For Urban Edible Gardens and all things Ethical Branding

Cees & Elly both have a passion for creativity and Cees recently started his own business in permaculture and gardening called Urban Edible Gardens

“How amazing is it if you can build your own crops and live from what grows in your own garden? Pretty sweet mate!” says Cees.

The business was slow in the beginning for Cees but with some awesome projects now under his belt, more and more people are hiring the flying dutchman to reshape their garden, help them get more out of their crops and lots more.

“It’s a true honour and great pleasure to be sharing my experiences and tips with local residents on the Surf Coast,” said Cees.

5 Reasons (according to Cees) WHY a FREE 45Mminute Consult Can Benefit Your Garden:

#1 It’s FREE! for Torquay & Jan Juc residents

#2 I can help show you the potential of your space- seeing with fresh eyes can create some epic ideas

#3 I can guide you to make small, but beneficial changes to your space which you can go away and implement without spending loads of money

#4 I can understand your vision and come up with a game plan for how to bring it to life

#5 Tailored and personal advice to get you on the road to gardening with confidence

Feel free to get in touch with Cees at the end of the episode if you have a garden you’d like to turn into a mini paradise.

And let’s not forget Elly’s business, Barefooted Branding

Elly has created an earth-friendly branding studio making beautiful designs for brands who are ethically minded. Not only that, but they must also support the preservation of this little planet called Earth. 

Elly has a big story to tell as well having grown up in Mitcham in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. She soon realised travel and life by the coast was calling her.

Here’s Ep.10 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast with your hosts Ben & Jess!

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Ben Hucker is the founder and host of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. He’s a former financial markets guy who left the city in 2017 and moved to the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. Tune in for a weekly episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Each episode is packed full of hints and tips on creativity, health, business, mindset and a good dose of inspirationAll this with creatives entrepreneurs on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia.

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