Take Your Photography to the Next Level With Professional Prints

Join us for the ultimate Online Mini-Masterclass with award-winning
Fine Art Ocean Photographer, Tal Lemmens, and learn how to sell your images online for profit…

Mini-Masterclass With Tal Lemmens

TOPIC: How to Get Your Images Printed, Framed & Sold

We’ll cover 3 Key Topics during a 1.5-hour online ZOOM session. We’ll help you make your mark and start selling your own images.

Already selling your own images? Take this as a chance to brush up on your skills and make the most of your passion for visual arts.

Learn how Torquay-based ocean photographer Tal Lemmens makes up to $2,000 per month selling prints from his online store. All this while working a full-time job Monday to Friday. Tal is a firm believer that other photographers can do the same regardless of your genre or size of your following.

PHOTO: Tal Lemmens


Wednesday 28 April 2021
7.30 PM – 9.00 PM (AEST)

  • 1.5-Hour Mini-Masterclass hosted via ZOOm and broken into…
    • 45 minutes of tuition covering 3 Key Topics (see below)
    • 45 minute Q&A via Zoom (direct with Tal)
    • 1.5-hour Online Class all up

A private link to a recorded video of the Mini-Masterclass will be provided at the conclusion of the class so you can re-watch as many times as you like.

The video link will be password protected and EXCLUSIVE to participants of Tal’s class.


Online ZOOM (Private Group) – Hosted by Ben Hucker from Surf Coast Creatives with Tal Lemmens as the Mini-Master.

It’s all well and good taking awesome shots of the ocean and posting to Instagram. But how do you take the next step and begin selling your images and start making back some of the time and money you’ve invested in your passion? Lear how with Tal.

PHOTO: Tal Lemmens


Beginner to Intermediate photography enthusiasts in the following categories:

  • Ocean Photographers
  • Seascape photographers
  • Landscape Photographers
  • Fine Art Ocean Photographers
  • Photography Enthusiasts

The class will be hosted by Surf Coast Creatives in partnership with Tal Lemmens.

What You’ll Learn

We’ll cover 3 Key Topics in 1.5 hours. They include:

1. Getting Your Images Printed

Options, Best Printers, Styles, Sizes, DIY, etc

  • What makes a saleable image?
  • Building a healthy (not destructive) critical self
  • Creating a template in Photoshop with optimal settings for print
  • Preparing a print-ready file using Photoshop
  • Recommendations for local printers plus a special offer from Blind Forest printing in Geelong.
Find out why some printers won’t even work with you if you can’t send them an image that is set up correctly and ready for professional printing.

PHOTO: Tal Lemmens

2. Getting Your Images Framed

Options, Best Framers, Styles, Sizes, DIY, etc

  • Finding framers
  • What wood to select?
  • Frame factory recommendations
  • Building relationships with local framers
  • Budget vs premium quality
Learn why it is so important to build relationships with local framers and why it’s important not to skimp on quality when it comes to getting your artwork framed.

PHOTO: Tal Lemmens

3. Top Tips on Selling

Friends & Family, Website, Facebook Groups, Paid Ads, Local Markets, Other

  • We’ll cover Tal’s favourite app for selling – Squarespace
  • What does the consumer want vs what you want?
  • Socials Website Facebook/Instagram
  • Community engagement including cafes and how to approach them
  • Pricing right from the get-go (not underselling) & shipping costs
Selling can be a taboo topic when it comes to making an income from your art and images but it need not be. We’ll talk tactics and why you have every right to sell your artwork and share it with the world.

PHOTO: Tal Lemmens

What You’ll Learn

1. Getting Your Images Printed +

2. Getting Your Images Framed +

3. Top Tips on Selling +

PLUS, a 45 Minute Q&A Session with Tal after we cover the topics listed above.


AUD $79.99

Who is Tal Lemmens?

Tal Lemmens (b. 1991) is an ocean and seascape photographer based in Torquay, Victoria, Australia.

Tal is originally from Warrnambool and relocated in 2017. He frequently visits the Great Ocean Road and other parts of the Australian coastline.

Many of Tal’s photographs document our wild, windy and rugged part of the southern hemisphere.

Tal’s photography endeavours have led to critical acclaim in both national and international photo competitions.

Here’s Tal’s take on life by the sea as an image maker:

Feel as I feel – draw in the oceans air, taste the salt on your tongue & bare witness to the altering states of the ocean. These are my testimonials to the sea.

Tal Lemmens

The ocean has always been something that Tal has been connected to from a young age. He speaks of gratitude to his father for introducing him to the sea and bodyboarding.

Stumbling across old film photos of his Dads’ surf trips, Tal recognised early on that photos could tell a story and fund a lifestyle. His passion for photography was born.

Tal was inspired by imagery at a young age after stumbling on photos of his Dad’s old surfing trips and the stories they told.

PHOTO: Geelong Advertiser

Tal spent the majority of his youth taking photos of his friend’s surfing at Warrnambool. This was the precursor for Tal developing and honing his skills and his career capturing iconic seascapes.

Mental well being is an important driver in Tal’s journey as well. His photographs are as much about the journey of capturing moments, as it is about producing the final photograph.

An Eye on the Future

Spending the majority of his time in the ocean, Tal values environmental sustainability and is a local advocate for protecting oceans and coastlines. He strives to indoctrinate sustainability into his photography products.

No matter what, the ocean will always be a part of him – Tal states the ocean is his lifeblood, “I am consigned to the sea.”

You can learn more about Tal’s story here on our blog page. Or better yet, tune in to episode #15 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast (it’s been one of our most popular episodes to-date!):

Tal’s Milestones To-Date

  • First Place (VIEphoto Gold Medal) – Our World Category – VIENNA International Photo Award 2020.
  • Honourable Mention:
    • Fine Art, Abstract Category – APA Annual Photography Awards 2020.
    • Landscape Category – Australian Photography Awards 2019.
    • Fine Art, Abstract Category – International Photography Awards 2019.
  • Highly Commended – Landscape Category – Photographer of the Year 2018.

Tal’s has won international acclaim for his ocean photography winning a prestigious 2020 International Photo Award in Vienna.

Tal received an honourable mention at the Annual Photography Awards in 2020 for the Fine Art Category.

Don’t miss an opportunity to grow as a photographer with an established Fine Art Ocean specialist like Tal.

Learn how Tal makes up to $2,000 per month selling Fine Art Ocean Photography prints from his online store.

All this while working a full-time job in support services for mental health.

PLUS, make some new connections with your fellow photographers and creators while you’re at it:


AUD $79.99

April 282021
Mini-Masterclass With Tal LemmensHow to Get your Images Printed, Framed & Sold
7.30 – 9.00 PM (AEST)Online ZOOM

NOTE: Spots for this class will be capped since we want to answer as many questions as possible from attendees and ensure you get maximum value.

Tal Lemmens getting ready to shoot the next banger in his favourite spot near the Surf Coast in Victoria. Chat with Tal directly via Zoom for this special mini-masterclass.


Money-Back Guarantee

We will refund 100% of the cost of the class if you don’t find any value in the class or weren’t able to implement any of the ideas or suggestions made by Tal (or other attendees).

If you have any FURTHER QUESTIONS regarding the format or content we’ll be covering during the class then please contact host Ben via email: ben@surfcaostcreatives.com.