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Ep.11 – Surf Coast Podcast: Season 2 Recap & Jess’s Revenge

Ep.11 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast is now live! Tune in for a sit-down chat with your hosts Ben & Jess.  We ticked over 10 episodes for Season 2 of the podcast last week, so we thought it was time we did a short recap.  Find out the “7 Things We Learnt During Season 2” plus […]

Ep.10 – Co-Working Space Torquay: Building a Tribe With a Hut & Exciting News

A co-working space in Torquay with a difference! Ep.10 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast is now live. Tune in wherever you get your favourite podcasts. In this episode, we sit down for a chat with founders of the Workers Hut in Torquay, Dave & Rebecca Scott.  Dave & Bec open up about their journey since falling in love […]

Ep.4 – Ocean Grind Coffee: A Coffee Dream Starting With A Popcorn Machine

Join us for Ep.4 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast for a chat with the founder of Ocean Grind Coffee, Mark Clatworthy. The man behind this roastery and cafe is an engineer turned coffee maestro, Mark Clatworthy. Tune in for a story of grit and determination mixed with a good dose of bravado and passion for coffee […]

Ep.1 – Watercolour Course: Juggling the Corona-Coaster as an Artist

Introducing Australia’s favourite watercolour course teacher Natalie Martin from the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. Natalie has a dedicated studio in the Ashmore Arts precinct in Torquay. The studio is where she thinks, creates, makes an income and gets inspired on a daily basis. We sat down for a chat with the talented artist, illustrator […]

Ep.0 – 7 Ways To Unleash Your Creativity & Season 2 Sneak Peek

Hey there and welcome to Season 2 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast! In this short episode, we talk about 7 Ways To Unleash Your Creativity and take a sneak peek at Season 2 of the pod. We also talk about what we’ve been up to the past month, and what books we’ve been devouring. […]