Ep.2 – From Sports Photography to a Craft Brewery: A Californian Up Sticks to the Land of Oz

From elite sports photography to part-owner of a craft brewery in Torquay, Australia?


We’re pumped to announce Jeff Crow as our guest for Ep.2 of the Surf Coast Creatives Podcast.

Jeff ran his very own sports photography agency for more than 25 years. An agency, by the way, appointed as Official Photographer to the Sydney 2000 Olympic & Paralympic Games. 

Just the Tip of Sports Photography Iceberg

In addition to the Olympics, Jeff has represented many sports and brands inlcuding:

  • Swimming Australia, Cycling Australia,
  • Subaru Rally Team Australia, Volleyball Australia,
  • Golf Australia,
  • MX Nationals
  • Crusty Demons,
  • Nitro Circus Live,
  • Yachting Australia,
  • National Basketball League,
  • Super-X,
  • Melbourne Storm,
  • Australian Open Tennis,
  • Sail Melbourne

And many more…

I think you get the hint. He’s good!

Jeff Crow, from sport photography to part-owner Bell's Beach Brewing Co in Torquay, Australia.
We sit down with one of Australia’s leading sports photographers turned publican, Jeff Crow.

But sports photography is now mostly gone—with the exception of the odd assignment here and there. Jeff now part-owns the Bells Beach Brewing company and pours his energy into that project.

Jeff believes beer-drinking tastes demand bigger flavours and more variety. We agree.

They are still producing beer in the current climate too. They even deliver beer to your door. It’s a new innovation with ZERO CONTACT.

The Trifecta!

Yep, a podcast about beer, sports photography and business! Host Ben Hucker’s three favourite subjects. Of course, there’s lots of hints and tips and a good dose of inspiration mixed in.

That makes this podcast a ripper given the collective wisdom Jeff has to pass on!

Tune in right to the end to hear Jeff’s advice on what should be driving you as a creative entrepreneur. Not what shouldn’t be driving you.

It’s a gold nugget of wisdom that’s for sure.

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Ben Hucker is the founder and host of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. He’s a former financial markets guy who packed in the city and decided he wanted to live on the Surf Coast in Victoria. Tune in for a weekly episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Each episode is packed full of hints and tips on creativity, health, business, mindset and a good dose of inspiration with creatives entrepreneurs on the Surf Coast.

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