Learn the Editing Secrets of an Award-Winning Photographer

Join us for the ultimate Online Mini-Master class with Aussie Fine Art Photographer, Ren McGann, and learn the editing secrets of a master photographer…

Mini-Masterclass With Ren McGann

TOPIC: Upgrade Your Editing Skills Using Photoshop

We’ll be covering 3 Subjects (see below) during a 1.5-hour online ZOOM session with Ren.

Use the class to take your editing skills to a new level and make your mark as a visual artist or content creator.

Already a pro? Take this as a chance to tighten your post-processing workflow and learn a few new tricks.

Learn how WA-based ocean photographer Ren McGann creates extraordinary images and his 3 step system for doing so. Ren has only shown his post-processing formula to a couple of close photography friends so this is EXCLUSIVE content you won’t find anywhere else.

PHOTO: Ren McGann


Wednesday 23 June 2021
7.30 PM – 9.00 PM (AEST)

  • 1.5-Hour Mini-Masterclass hosted via ZOOm and broken into…
    • 1 hour of tuition covering 3 Subjects (see below)
    • 30 minute Q&A via Zoom (direct with Ren)
    • 1.5-hour Online Class all up

A private link to a recorded video of the Mini-Masterclass will be provided at the conclusion of the class so you can re-watch as many times as you like.

The video link will be made EXCLUSIVE to participants of Ren’s class.

Attendees will also receive a handout with key links mentioned by Ren. These links will reference further information or key tools.

We’ll be hanging Ren upside down and extracting all his editing secrets during this 1.5 hour online class. If you want to learn the secrets of a master visual artist without watching a thousand videos on YouTube then this is the class for you.


Online ZOOM (Private Group) – Hosted by Ben Hucker & Jess Mellington from Surf Coast Creatives with Ren McGann as the Mini-Master.

It’s all good taking awesome shots of the ocean or your preferred genre and posting to Instagram. But how do you take your imagery to the next level and create breathtaking photos you can share or print for clients? Learn how with Ren.

PHOTO: Ren McGann


Beginner to Advanced photography enthusiasts in the following categories:

  • Landscape Photographers
  • Portrait Photographers
  • Ocean Photographers
  • Fine Art Ocean Photographers
  • Photography Enthusiasts

The class will be hosted by Surf Coast Creatives in partnership with Ren McGann.

What You’ll Learn

We’ll cover 3 Subjects in 1.5 hours. They include Ren’s proprietary Photoshop workflow from start to finish:

1. Dodge ‘n’ Burn

Using layers in Photoshop including advanced luminosity.

Ren will talk about how to create timeless images like the one above. We’ll also chat about how he gets to locations likes this to shoot them in the first place. Fear not if drone photography isn’t your thing. Ren’s techniques apply equally to portrait & landscape photography as well.

PHOTO: Ren McGann

2. Colour & Saturation

Using layers again including the ‘push-pull’ colour theory.

Ren was named the 2020 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year for a reason. Register for this class and get inside the mind of a professional photographer and content creator. Ren will be “giving away the farm” in this class!

PHOTO: Ren McGann

3. Blurring & Sharpening

The purpose of this step is to fine-tune your composition and teach you a new way of looking at your images.

The final topic will get you set on the path to Photoshop wizardry. Ren will conclude with a chat about levels and a method called ‘frequency separation’ he uses for landscape and ocean portrait retouching. He’ll also reveal his favourite keyboard shortcuts to get you moving seamlessly through each edit.

PHOTO: Ren McGann

What You’ll Learn

  1. Dodge ‘n’ Burn layers including advanced luminosity blending modes.
  2. Color & Saturation layers including push-pull color theory.
  3. Blur & Sharpen to fine-tune your composition.

PLUS, a 30 Minute Q&A Session with Ren after we cover the topics listed above.


AUD $79.99

Who is Ren McGann?

Ren was born in Balingup (near Margaret River) in Western Australia in the middle of the bush (literally). He spent his childhood growing up in Freo and living in Exmouth for 10 years after being born in a bathtub. He now calls Margaret River home.

Ren has a clear vision of how he wants to portray a subject in each of his images. He tries to give each image a definitive voice. Shooting in places like the ocean becomes a numbers game given the harsh elements and volatile environment. 

If I do a full session out in the surf I’d shoot a few thousand images. Out of that catalogue, realistically there may be 5 images that really stand out.

Ren McGann

Ren is passionate about the artistic principles of photography—like composition—as well. This attribute is refreshing in a saturated wave photography world that can prioritise quick ‘likes’ over awesome imagery.

Capturing the Wrath of Nature

Combining lots of different elements, Ren primarily photographs the notorious off-shore slab waves of Australia’s South-West. He creates photos that are as magnificent as they are scary (as you can see from this page). A legion of 10,000 followers on Instagram waits in anticipation for his NEW material.

You can learn more about Ren’s story by tuning into Ep.36 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast (it’s been one of our most popular episodes to date!):

Ren was named the winner of the coveted 2020 Nikon Surf Photo of the Year last year. There was a panel of 10 judges that included surfing champ, Steph Gilmore. This shot was captured by Ren at ‘The Right’—a thumping reef break off the coast of Western Australia.

PHOTO: Ren McGann

Ren McGann in the Media

Click the links below to get a full smorgasbord of Ren and some of his achievements to date:











Ren’s style may not be for you but learn the foundation for creating an awesome image and refine until it suits your taste. We’ll walkthrough the editing of three separate photos from start to finish to make sure you’ve got the process nailed.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow as a photographer and take your post-processing skills to a whole new level of wizardry with our Mini Master, Ren McGann.

A Teacher in the Making

Ren is also building his teaching expertise by hosting workshops on behalf of local chambers of Commerce in Western Australia teaching businesses about content creation.

We guarantee you a high-quality class packed full of info and post-processing workflow you won’t find on YouTube.

Ren will also talk about how he makes a full-time living shooting portraits and weddings in addition to selling prints of his surf & ocean photography.


AUD $79.99

June 232021
Mini-Masterclass With Ren McGannTOPIC: Take Your Post-Processing Skills to a NEW Level With This 3-Step Workflow
7.30 – 9.00 PM (AEST)Online ZOOM
Here’s a sneak peek of the detail that Ren puts into his editing process. Watch this short clip as he transforms this portrait into a masterpiece using his unique post-processing workflow.

NOTE: Spots for Ren’s Mini Masterclass will be capped since we want to answer as many questions as possible from attendees and ensure you get maximum value.


Ren has now incorporated drone photography into his repertoire of photography skills too. He’ll be giving away all his editing secrets in this 1.5-hour online class in addition to answering any questions you may have.

PHOTO: Ren McGann

Money-Back Guarantee

We will refund 100% of the cost of the class if you don’t find any value in the class or weren’t able to implement any of the ideas or suggestions made by Ren (or other attendees).

If you have any FURTHER QUESTIONS regarding the format or content we’ll be covering during the class then please contact host Ben via email: ben@surfcaostcreatives.com.