Ep.4 – Ocean Grind Coffee: A Coffee Dream Starting With A Popcorn Machine

Join us for Ep.4 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast for a chat with the founder of Ocean Grind Coffee, Mark Clatworthy.

The man behind this roastery and cafe is an engineer turned coffee maestro, Mark Clatworthy.

The founder of Ocean Grind Coffee, Mark Clatworthy.
The unassuming and indominatble founder of Torquay’s Ocean Grind, Mark Clatworthy.

Tune in for a story of grit and determination mixed with a good dose of bravado and passion for coffee beans.

Mark has been perfecting his coffee beans for more than a decade. He started selling his beans at the local markets in Torquay. Now his growing enterprise has a stronghold in the Surf Coast industrial precinct behind Bunnings. 

Find out how a passion for coffee and simmering tension with a corporate job lead Mark to follow his passion and take the leap from hobbyist to a full-time coffee roaster. 

A Coffee Dream

Ocean Grind has instilled a philosophy of fresh, quality coffee according to Mark.

“It’s about appreciating the coast and the natural environment. It’s about the allure of the ocean and the grinding waves it produces,” says Mark.

“We like to think coffee and the ocean have a fair bit in common. Whether you surf, swim or walk along the beach, it’s a daily ritual, just like that first coffee in the morning. Both the ocean and coffee are a fix for your senses – an antidote for the soul.”

“At our roastery in Torquay, specialty beans are ethically sourced from all corners of the globe and hand-roasted with care. A variety of bean origins are roasted, taking you on a journey with each batch,” says Mark.

Ocean Grind Coffee and the Environment

Mark has a big eye on sustainability as well. He wants his three girls to enjoy the Surf Coast and its surrounding natural habitat for generations to come. 

A focus on the environment has rubbed off on the Ocean Grind community too. Innovative policies like “Bring Your Own Cup” and “Swap & Go”  have left an indelible mark on a tight-knit base of customers. 

Not every customer has been happy with the new cup policies though. Find out how Mark and his team dealt with some of the backlash. 

Either way, it’s got a bit of everything this episode, especially if you’ve always wanted to build a community on top of your business. 

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Ben Hucker is the founder and host of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. He’s a former finance guy who traded Collins St for the Coast 3 years ago now. Tune in for a weekly episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Each episode is packed full of hints and tips on creativity, health, business and mindset.

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