Ep.6 – Jake Ross Art: Inspired by a Mix of Life & Death

Ep.6 with Jake Ross Art is now ready for download. That means we’re halfway through Season 2 already!

Imagine having Angus Stone, VB and now Justin Bieber among your list of clientele.

That’s a day in the life for this super-talented mural artist, creative director and illustrator.

Jake Ross Art With Style

Jake is known for his characteristic yin-yang style where soft colours encounter dark traditional lines and elements.

His art encourages a “two-way conversation between the artist and the viewer whilst contrasting life and death,” says Jake.

There’s a timeless quality to his playful, quirky yet contemplative work, which is inspired by the Australian mystique, diverse landscape and his undying love for surf culture.

Embracing a multimedia approach, Jake shows he can tell his stories in a variety of mediums from fine brushes to iPads.

Jake has left his mark in large scale murals, skate ramps, exclusive canvas pieces and limited edition prints.

Jake Ross & Angus Stone at skateboard half pipe.
Musician Angus Stone & Jake Ross share a moment after Jake got the call up from Angus to paint his backyard half pipe.

You can find renowned names and notable brands permeating right through Jakes’s portfolio. Jake has also exhibited in California, Melbourne and Sydney.

Surf, Create, Repeat

Jake grew up near Phillip Island and spent a lot of time crossing the bay to surf Bells & Winki. A passion for surfing and fond childhood memories have brought Jake full circle back to the Surf Coast.

We couldn’t wait to chat with him given his popularity and +30,000 brethren of followers on social media.

It’s raw and honest and straight from the gut this episode. We guarantee it. 

Tune in for a chat about all things creativity, mindset, life as an elite athlete, business, Bieber, handling stick from the public and former mates plus much, much more.

NOTE: There’s a bit of language but in a good way. Just be careful if the kidlets are in the car. Enjoy!

Ben Hucker is the founder and host of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. He’s a former finance guy who traded Collins St for the Coast 3 years ago now. Tune in for a weekly episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Each episode is packed full of hints and tips on creativity, health, business and mindset.

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