Ep.1 – Custom Made Timber Bed Wizards: A Chippy & A Designer Gone Wild

Custom made timber bed specialists are hard to come by in Victoria. So today it was quite a spinout to sit down and speak to the King & Queen of this artisanal craft—Al & Imogen Roberts from Al + Imo Handmade.

Al & Imo are our good friends from Freshwater Creek on the Surf Coast and it’s safe to safe they are living the dream!

Custom made timber bed wizards - Al and Imo from Al + Imo
Custom timber bed maestros: Al and Imogen Roberts from Al + Imo.

Of course, they have to deal with a good dose of daily life challenges like everyone else but they do it with grace and purpose. This is the true spirit of the Surf Coast Creatives tribe.

To Be No.1 in Custom Made Timber Beds

Al is a former chippy and Imo is a former designer. The husband & wife duo switched track a few years ago to follow their dream of becoming the best custom made timber bed specialists in Victoria.

And if Google rankings and a full order book for the next six months are anything to go by, then they are numero uno.

So the benchmark has been set! We’re pumped to bring you the first episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast with Al & Imo from Al & Imo Handmade.

The episode is now ready for consumption!

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That’s it in a nutshell guys! Our favourite quote from Al & Imo was a short quote from Imo:

“Sometimes you just have to back yourself” – Imogen Roberts

We couldn’t agree more.

More Info on Custom Made Timber Beds

You can check out all the show notes and get a transcription of our interview with Al & Imo on the official podcast page for the Surf Coast Creatives. It’s packed full of gold nuggets and is well worth checking if custom made products are your domain.

We’ll talk to you again on Thursday, May 21 when Ep.2 of the Surf Coast Creatives Podcast gets published. We sit down for a chat with one of the founders of the Bells Beach Brewing Company, Jeff Crowe.

We can’t wait to bring you that episode and many more in 2020!

Chat to you soon 🙂

P.S. Here’s to the crazy ones!

Ben Hucker is the founder and host of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. He’s a former financial markets guy who packed in the city and decided he wanted to live on the Surf Coast in Victoria. Tune in for a weekly episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Each episode is packed full of hints and tips on creativity, health, business, mindset and a good dose of inspiration with creatives entrepreneurs on the Surf Coast.

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