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Ep.7 – Animal Incursions for Schools: Snakes & Crocodiles on Your Board of Directors!

Animal incursions in Victoria—when the wild animals come to you. Jess & I got a bit tied up recording Ep.7 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast! Think Snakes, Crocodiles, Barking Owls, Dingos, Lizards and lots more. We sat down for a chat with wildlife conservationist, Xavier Morello. Xavier is the founder of wildlife education company, […]

Ep.6 – Photography for Female Business Owners: Lady Photographer For Lady Entrepreneurs

High-quality photography for Female business owners is a booming industry. In Ep.6 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast, we sit down for a chat with a lady photographer leading the charge in this hyper-competitive industry. Her name is Leslie Carvitto and she is the founder of and @LunaRising. Leslie is a Californian who moved […]

Ep.5 – A Blacksmith in Victoria: The Alchemist Who Turns Iron Into Art

Have you ever met a blacksmith in Victoria before? Your local ‘smithy’ is a rare breed these days that’s for sure. But call off the search. We found a blacksmith in Victoria by the name of Dave Graham. Dave is the founder of a blacksmithing business called Simply Forged Custom Ironworks. The shop is located at […]

Ep.4 – Mum Retreats: The Silver Lining After A Personal Tragedy

Mum retreats are hard to come by that’s for sure. Are you a stressed out Mumma who needs a break? Or maybe your wifey or partner needs a break. Either way, make sure you tune into Ep.4 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. We sit down with the founder of Mum retreats specialist, Alison Smith […]

Ep.3 – Custom Van Conversion Wizards: From Jumping Out of Planes to Van Conversions

Ep.3 with custom van conversion specialists, Built for Advanture, is now live! Have you ever jumped out of an aeroplane at 14,000 feet?  Imagine doing it 2,500 times! That’s exactly what Jesse Jeffrey did before he switched to the relative safety of doing custom van conversions in Torquay.  After living in Melbourne for 15 years, […]

Ep.2 – From Sports Photography to a Craft Brewery: A Californian Up Sticks to the Land of Oz

From elite sports photography to part-owner of a craft brewery in Torquay, Australia? Yes! We’re pumped to announce Jeff Crow as our guest for Ep.2 of the Surf Coast Creatives Podcast. Jeff ran his very own sports photography agency for more than 25 years. An agency, by the way, appointed as Official Photographer to the […]

How to Find Your Next Blog Topic in Less Than 5 Minutes

We get it, you’re staring at a blank page and you’re wondering how to find your next blog topic without losing your mind! And with COVID-19 taking its toll on the world and millions of people stuck at home there’s never been a better time to reach out to your audience with some hints and tips or words of wisdom.