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Ep.3 – Lola Berry: A Fearless Ladypreneur in Love With the Surf Coast

So excited to bring you Ep.3, Season 2, with ladypreneur, Lola Berry. Lola had her bags packed for LA in Feb but was forced to stay put after COVID-19 started to take its toll. She decided to up-sticks from Melbourne and head for the coast instead. We’re sure glad she did as it means we got […]

Ep.2 – Ocean Photography Prints: The Secret Life of an Ocean Photographer

Ocean photography prints like you’ve never seen before! Ep.2, Season 2, of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast with Tal Lemmens, is now live. Tal is a Fine Art Ocean Photographer and recently scooped a major international award for an image he captured on the South Coast in NSW. The award gives the local photographer the […]

Ep.1 – Watercolour Course: Juggling the Corona-Coaster as an Artist

Introducing Australia’s favourite watercolour course teacher Natalie Martin from the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia. Natalie has a dedicated studio in the Ashmore Arts precinct in Torquay. The studio is where she thinks, creates, makes an income and gets inspired on a daily basis. We sat down for a chat with the talented artist, illustrator […]

Photography Prints Inspired by Australia’s Beauty – Leslie Carvitto Opens a Print Shop

I finally did it!  I’ve wanted to open up a print shop for months, probably longer to be honest. So why now? Well, like a lot of people who’ve been forced to stay home during the global pandemic, I realised there was a list of things I’ve wanted to do but never got around to. One of […]

Ep.0 – 7 Ways To Unleash Your Creativity & Season 2 Sneak Peek

Hey there and welcome to Season 2 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast! In this short episode, we talk about 7 Ways To Unleash Your Creativity and take a sneak peek at Season 2 of the pod. We also talk about what we’ve been up to the past month, and what books we’ve been devouring. […]

Ep.11 – Surf Coast Creatives Review: What We’ve Learnt So Far & Big News

It’s the official Surf Coast Creatives review. Episode 11 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast is now live! Tune in for a sit-down chat with your hosts Ben & Jess. We ticked over 10 episodes for Season 1 of the podcast last week, so we thought it was time we did a short recap. Find […]

Ep.10 – Urban Edible Gardens: A Dutch Gardener & His Aussie Branding Babe

Urban edible gardens and branding for ethical freelancers and solopreneurs. Welcome to Ep.10 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast! I cannot believe we’re at 10 episodes already. Thanks, everyone for your support. We’re closing in fast on 2,000 downloads so we’re taking that as a big upvote for the pod. For Ep.10, we sit down […]

Ep.9 – A Chocolaterie in Victoria: When A Choc Factory Becomes a Major Tourism Destination

A chocolaterie in Victoria, or even Australia, is a rare commodity. We’re a long way from Belgium after all. But sitting right there on Victoria’s Surf Coast is one of Australia’s favourite chocolaterie’s and ice creameries. We sat down for a chat with the founders of the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery for […]

Ep.9 – Building A Women’s Fashion Label: Running A Fashion Label in Your Spare Time

Building a women’s fashion label is not for the faint hearted. For Ep.8 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast, we sit down for a chat with the founder and creator of a boutique women’s fashion label, Maxted Clothing. She’s hard-working, dedicated, tenacious and laser-focused. Her name is Caroline Teakle. Caroline hails from England but now […]