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Season 2

#8 Carving Out a Niche in a Cut-Throat Industry – Tim & Dani
#7 Can You Be A Working Mum & Artist? – Alison White
#6 Inspired by a Mix of Life & Death – Jake Ross
#5 Yogi Wear Made By Bells Beach – Emma Barr
#4 A Coffee Dream Starting With A Coffee Machine – Mark Clatworthy
#3 A Fearless Ladypreneur in Love With the Surf Coast – Lola Berry
#2 The Secret Life of an Ocean Photographer – Tal Lemmens
#1 Juggling the Corona-Coaster as an Artist – Natalie Martin
#0 Unleash Your Creativity & Season 2 Sneak Peek – Ben & Jess

Season 1

#11 What We’ve Learnt So Far & Big News – Ben & Jess
#10 A Dutch Gardener & His Aussie Branding Babe – Cees & Elly
#9 A Chocolate Powerhouse in a Paddock – Ian & Leanne
#8 Running a Fashion Label In Your Spare Time – Caroline Teakle
#7 The King of Wildlife Education on the Surf Coast – Xavier Morello
#6 Lady Photographer For Lady Entrepreneurs – Leslie Carvitto
#5 A Former Chippy Turned Blacksmith – Dave Graham
#4 Stressed Out Mums on Vacation – Alison Smith
#3 From Jumping Out of Planes to Van Conversions – Jesse & Sam
#2 Leading Sports Photographer Turned Publican – Jeff Crow
#1 A Chippy & Designer Gone Wild – Al & Imo

Guest Blog

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30 September – By Ben Hucker from Surf Coast

“3-Days:100 Email Subscribers: The Ultimate List Building Challenge (Day 2)”

28 September – By Ben Hucker from

“3-Days:100 Email Subscribers: The Ultimate List Building Challenge (Day 1)”

2 September – By Leslie Carvitto from

“Photography Prints Inspired by Australia’s Beauty – Leslie Carvitto Opens a Print Shop”

29 April – By Ben Hucker from

“How to Find Your Next Blog Topic in Less Than 5 Minutes”

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