Ep.5 – A Blacksmith in Victoria: The Alchemist Who Turns Iron Into Art

Have you ever met a blacksmith in Victoria before?

Your local ‘smithy’ is a rare breed these days that’s for sure. But call off the search. We found a blacksmith in Victoria by the name of Dave Graham.

Dave is the founder of a blacksmithing business called Simply Forged Custom Ironworks. The shop is located at the Ashmore Arts Centre in Torquay, Victoria.  

We sit down for a chat with Dave in Ep.5 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Dave was a carpenter in a previous life. But after 20 years in the job, and the same old routine on the construction site, Dave decided to pack it in and follow his passion for sculpture. 

Find out how Dave made the transition from a chippy with 20 years of experience under his belt to a blacksmith with 6 years of part-time training.

Dave now uses traditional methods combined with a keen eye for detail to create ironworks that are unique, high quality and custom-made.

Specialising in heritage restoration and sculpture, Dave approaches each project with enormous care and the end result in mind.

He’s A Master Blacksmith in Victoria!

Dave’s unique practice explores the potential of contemporary blacksmithing.

He evaluates and extends the possibilities of forging hot steel in a constant attempt to shift objects from a, “purely utilitarian beginning to a wholly re-imagined future state.”

Dave takes inspiration for his work from organic shapes, the ocean and the beach. He’s been refining his craft as a blackmsith for more than 20 years now.

His secret is engaging multiple mentors and many sources of inspiration.

He’s now been a resident artist at Ashmore Arts for 5 years.

Find out what makes him tick and how he made the big leap from construction to blacksmithing.

Here’s Ep.5 of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast with your hosts Ben & Jess.

Ben Hucker is the founder and host of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. He’s a former financial markets guy who packed in the city and moved to the Surf Coast in Victoria. Tune in for a weekly episode of the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. Each episode is packed full of hints and tips on creativity, health, business, mindset and a good dose of inspiration. All this with creatives entrepreneurs on the Surf Coast in Victoria, Australia.

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