The Surf Coast Creatives Podcast

We’re on a mission to bring the stories of creatives to life with the Surf Coast Creatives podcast. And what better place to do it than the coastal hot spots in Australia—a melting pot of creative minds from the city, country and the coast.

The Founders of the Surf Coast Creatives Podcast

Founder & Host
Ben Hucker

Ben is the founder of the Surf Coast Creatives. He got laid off from his job in the wake of the Corona pandemic and decided he wanted to do something fun to keep people connected and get inspired to create. Ben was the founder and host of the Rapid Ascent podcast in Torquay which grew from 0 to 10,000 downloads inside 12 months. When he’s not freelance writing, Ben can be found at a local surf beach getting drowned by a big swell on his 6.9″ super-fish.

Founder & CHO
Jess Mellington

Jess was also made redundant after Corona went crazy. She is a creative soul at heart and built and ran her own gym in Torquay called The Ox Effect at the age of 26. She now works as a personal trainer and inspires others to keep fit and active. Jess is the Chief Happiness Officer of the Surf Coast Creatives and co-founder. Jess hails from Ballarat in Victoria and once dug into the private database of her gym to get Ben’s number and ask him out on a date. They now live together




17 Baines Cres
Torquay VIC 3228